Medical Risk Services Limited (MRSL) is an insurance services and brokerage business. The firm was founded in 2004 to provide an objective review and analysis of the medical evidence in insurance claims. Since our foundation we have assisted over a dozen clients, including many of the household names in the insurance industry, to settle claims.

MRSL has progressively expanded its products and services. The firm continues to support insurers in managing and closing a range of claims including bodily injury; industrial disease; medical malpractice and healthcare expense. The firm is now regularly used as a member of the due diligence team for the acquisition of legacy books, as well as providing risk and claims management to a number of new medical malpractice insurance schemes.

Medical Risk Services Limited in numbers:

  • 7500 cases handled
  • £75m total reserves handled
  • £70m of PPO reserves managed
  • Largest case reserve is £10.2m
  • Largest settlement saving £1m
  • Average savings for largest client 45% of reserve

Please note our change of contact details.

Vickers House
Priestley Road, Basingstoke
RG24 4NP
(Telephone) + 44 (0)203 058 3731
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Forensic Reporting
MRSL assess claims that arise from person injury and deliver enhanced analysis of the medical evidence within a claim
Claims Management
MRSL can manage claims on your behalf, from cradle to grave, or any stage in between
Medical Risk Management
MRSL reviews the practice and records of a proposing Doctors’ private practice and provides a ‘traffic light’ risk score to the underwriters
Due Diligence & Auditing
MRSL can join the due diligence team of a potential investor in an insurance book to assist with quantifying the reserves against injury claims
Insurance Product Design & Development
MRSL provides everything from the analysis of a specific risk component up to the complete design of insurance products
Insurance Brokerage & Services
MRSL Enterprise endeavour to ensure the insurer, broker and client understand and agree the risks so that we can provide outstanding service

MRSL Enterprise

Since 2016, MRSL has been broking a range of insurance risks and developing innovative insurance products through its MRSL Enterprise brand.

Visit MRSL Enterprise

MRSL Enterprise’s analysis of the Dr. Bawa-Garba case is available here.