About Us

The company’s ethos and market advantage is fundamentally derived due to the fact that the “whole is far greater than the simple sum of the parts”.  This ethos is embedded at director level and is the core value throughout the company.

Medical Reporting Team

MRSL has developed a highly successful recruitment strategy for the recruitment, training, development and retention of its medical personnel. Many of our Doctors have been serving military medical officers in the UK armed services. We are lucky to have access to and recruit only high calibre medical staff that have both a board generalist training that allows them to see the wider medical picture combined with specialist and world leading experience in the areas most often seen in insurance claims – orthopaedics and trauma, psychological injury, neurological injury, musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation of the injured.

Our Doctors are well versed in meeting not just individual health needs but the greater corporate goals and weeding out those patients who are exaggerating or malingering from those who have genuine problems for whom we can suggest treatment for or, if clinically stable, come to a clinically based settlement. Since foundation, MRSL has engaged a variety of different specialist Doctors to report.

Finance and Administration Team

The Basingstoke office houses a lively team that supports the activities of the business, managing the finances and developing the infrastructure as well as carrying out all of the administration required. This team is expanding with the business to ensure MRSL operates smoothly and efficiently as the firm delivers for clients.