MRSL Products and Services

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Forensic Reporting
MRSL assess claims that arise from person injury and deliver enhanced analysis of the medical evidence within a claim
Claims Management
MRSL can manage claims on your behalf, from cradle to grave, or any stage in between
Medical Risk Management
MRSL reviews the practice and records of a proposing Doctors’ private practice and provides a ‘traffic light’ risk score to the underwriters
Due Diligence & Auditing
MRSL can join the due diligence team of a potential investor in an insurance book to assist with quantifying the reserves against injury claims
Insurance Product Design & Development
MRSL provides everything from the analysis of a specific risk component up to the complete design of insurance products
Insurance Brokerage & Services
MRSL Enterprise endeavour to ensure the insurer, broker and client understand and agree the risks so that we can provide outstanding service