Forensic Reporting

MRSL works with a number of insurers and businesses to assess claims that arise from person injury. MRSL delivers enhanced analysis of the medical evidence within a claim.  This is achieved through critical clinical analysis by a Doctor reviewing the mechanics of the incident, the medical evidence and any schedule of past or future loss. We analyse, interpret and apply the most up to date medical peer-reviewed data to a claims environment, allowing medical fact to be applied to claim issues.

MRSL can also work with your underwriting and fraud departments to support the design and decision-making of appropriate operational controls to mitigate against leakage and inappropriate validation of injury claims which are outside of the expected functional recovery period. There are large amounts of data on the recovery period for most types of injury. This allows MRSL to determine both an expected recovery period and a point at which the recovery becomes exceptionally long. Many frauds relating to injury are exaggeration of the degree of the injury and the time taken to recover. MRSL can assist in developing mechanism to detect and tackle these issues.

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